After viewing your website I would like to book a consultation with a view to booking you for our wedding, can we meet?

Great, leave your contact details and we will be in touch the same day to arrange a meeting so we can discuss your big day!

Will there be two photographer's photographing our day?

Yes we work well as a team to ensure every aspect of your day is captured and presented to you in exactly the way you dreamed!

The rate you charge for two photographer's is the same as other companies charge for one, is there a catch?

There is no catch, we are very busy which enables us to keep costs to a minimum whilst providing a superior service!

Are there different packages?

Yes, although every couple receives a boxed DVD of their images, and every guest at the ceromony receives a photo thankyou card of the bride & groom as a keepsake (this saves you the worry of thanking everyone for making your day special!)

How many images can we expect in our gallery?

We aim to provide you with between 250-350 images on-line in your own personal gallery within two weeks of your wedding!

What methods of payment do you except?

We of course except cash, cheque, paypal or you can arrange to pay by installments prior to the day! 

Can we have copyright of our images?

Yes, once your wedding is complete and you have your album we are happy to sort this!

What deposit do you require?

£200 non-refundable deposit is required for all packages

Can we change our minds over which package we require?

Yes of course, the packages are there as examples, you can change any aspect, YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER, THIS IS YOUR WEDDING!

Who are you?

We are Ian Hood and Matt Richards, we have over 30 years photographic experience between us, we are friendly, approachable and motivated. This is your day and we work hard to ensure the true essence of the day is brought to life in your images!

  How far will you travel for our wedding?

You tell us where you want us and we will be there, obviously hot countries are preferred!!!!